We are on a simple mission to facilitate holistic health and wellness using sound vibrations. We create a sound experience to facilitate restoration and renewal by easing the mind into a theta state.

Theta brain waves measure between 4-7 Hz. It is the state of mind just before deep slumber. In this state of deep relaxation, you can tap into the creative and intuitive parts of the mind usually inaccessible in waking moments. This is also when the body and mind experiences restoration and healing.


Stanley's interest in sound healing was sparked after a singing bowl session gave him sound sleep. He started to explore the therapeutic value of sound vibrations for physical, cognitive and mental health issues. He incorporates sound in his yin yoga sessions.

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An aspiring "relaxation specialist", Marilyn was drawn to the energy and vibrations of the gong after a friend suggested to collaborate on a restorative+sound workshop. She went for training and never looked back since. She teaches sound meditation classes to share the good vibes.

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