Get to know the gongs

Sound, like anything that animates this universe, is energy. When you receive a soundbath with overtone instruments like the gongs, you are allowing the vibrations to restore and rejuvenate you on a mental and physical level.

Some benefits of sound healing includes lowered blood pressure, better stress management, clarity of mind, and improved sleep. Sound healing has historically been a complementary tool to alleviate a number of conditions, including pain, anxiety and depression.

I work primarily with planet gongs. I own four gongs in my home studio.

Planet Gongs are tuned in conformity with the natural harmonic series based in the orbital properties on the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and the Planets according to calculations of Hans Cousto. Thus they resonate in harmony with the cycles of the celestial bodies and communicate a distinct aspect of the “music of the spheres” so amply quoted since the Antique. Their sound color is extremely mysterious and conveys an unusual, unfathomable atmosphere.


Gongs at Theta Space


D2/D-73,92 Hz

Limitations. Restrictions.

Grounding. Karma.


F2#/Fis-91,79 Hz

Expansion. Growth. Happiness. Prosperity


A2/A-110,62 Hz

Love. Creativity.

Expression. Community.


G2#/Gis-105,72 Hz

Oneness. Mystical.

Unity. Limitless.


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