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3 reasons to attend a sound meditation session

There is much buzz around the use of singing bowls and gongs. The use of sound as a healing modality is nothing new, researchers supposed that music therapy dates back as far as 1000 years BC, and that is just as far back as archaelogical evidence could show. Gongs and sound bowls are amongst the oldest musical instruments in South East Asia, with the oldest known gong dating over 5000 years old.

This is not a wellness trend that will pass anytime soon! Here are three reasons why you should try a sound meditation class, or keep sound meditation sessions as a regular feature on your schedule.

1. A true Power Nap

Not everyone has the time or luxury of escaping to the solitude of a desert or a beach for a holiday. When you attend a sound meditation class, soaking up the sound vibrations can make an hour feel like a full night's rest. Most people wake up from the sessions refreshed and restored, and many have reported that they return home to a good night's sleep.

2. Finding clarity in the busy mind

A sound meditation class can help you to quiet the mind. Sometimes, we simply need to find that pause, slow down your mind and help you connect to your inner world better. When the mind is able to rest, it is able to process and integrate the information you picked up over the course of the day. In turn, this leads to space and clarity of mind for more creativity, better problem solving skills and improved memory retention.

3. Non-invasive way to restore harmony and equilbrium in the body

There are several reports of how sound meditation can alleviate pain in the body. In Asia, illness is thought of as a manifestation of disharmony within the body, such as an imbalance in the cells or a given organ. Everything on earth vibrates at their unique frequencies, and this also applies to every cell in the human body. Dis-ease happens when an organ is not vibrating at the frequency it is designed to, and such dis-harmony can be caused by a myriad of lifestyle and genetic factors. A sound meditation class can help release any stuck energy held within the body and improve the flow of chi or prana (life energy) in the body. With sound, it is non-invasive and safe - nobody gets hurt from attending a session!

A sound meditation session is best experienced in person as you get to hear and feel the sound and vibrations of the overtone instruments. Find a sound meditation class near you, and experience its benefits for yourself.