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Create space

What does space mean to you? Theta Space's co-founder, Marilyn, reflects on the vision for Theta Space, and why we exist.

One of the key things that led to the creation of Theta Space was the idea of using elements of sound and mindfulness (like yoga and meditation) to develop personal growth. We all have our own coping mechanisms, and I was lucky enough to discover four modalities that worked for me.

In a world where our lives are hijacked by so many distractions, we may have lost touch with what truly matters. I have been through spells of depression and anxiety, hemmed in my expectations imposed by society and by myself. Even when I was not outwardly busy, my mind remained buzzing with non-stop avalanches of thoughts. Some days, breathing simply feels hard. I had no space.

Yoga, or mindful movement, was gave me a clue that the world is bigger than the body. Within the confines of the mat, I was able to find a vast expanse of space for my own breath and mind. The practice was my first clue of how mindfulness could create space for what mattered - a peace of mind. That is when it occured to me that we don't need much physical space to create mental clarity. All we needed, at that point, was a humble yoga mat.

Jillian Pransky illustrates the idea of space beautifully with an analogy:

"It's like the making of a 'Salty Solution'. If you took a tablespoon of salt and put it in a shot glass, you would get a certain salty solution. If you tried to drink that it would be unbearable. If you took the same tablespoon of salt and put it in a mug, it would be a different salty solution. If you put it in a bucket, a bath tub, a lake, the salt would get more and more diluted, less salty. It would still be part of the makeup of the water, but it would not have the connection, the sting."

The path of vinyasa flows eventually flowed towards other modalities like reiki and sound meditation. The gong vibrations absolutely captivated me, as my ears delighted in the number of tones that could come out of a single silver disc. The vibrations also created space in my mind for stillness, I experienced the deepest rest during a gong meditation. My perception of space changed again - we don't even need a yoga mat, we just needed the space of a deep breath.

My head was a shot glass of salty, swirling thoughts. Meditation expanded my shot glass into a bath tub.

The beautiful thing about space is how vast it can be. If you gazed up into a clear sky, you may start to feel yourself extremely small compared to the space of the galaxy. When our situation feels dire and pressing down on us, meditation can help us create that space to respond rather than break down, because the world is so much bigger than we know.

This is why I created Theta Space. It is a project space for me to share what worked for me, in hopes that you could find space for yourself too.