• Theta Space

Unified hum. Unified humanity.

Humming is an easy way to affect the emotions, tune the body and help bring you into a state of calm. The physical experience with vibrations and the sound of one's own voice can induce altered states of awareness, attention, and consciousness. The same study found that singing elicits a more emotional response, while humming generally helps to calm and relax the mental state.

Just like how the human voice has its unique timbre, the resonance of every person's hum is different. The dissonance in the resonance contributes to a healing harmonic. Coming together to embrace our different timbres is potentially healing.

"If people hum together, we bring out the oneself within us all. We become humanity." - Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux

When we consciously decide to use our voices as a vehicle for healing, tranquility, peace and safety, we create vibrations that emanate from our heart, much like the healing vibrations of a gong. We can turn our bodies into gongs. What would happen if we could hum together, if we were to collectively create vibrations as one HUManity?

Vesak Day falls on 7 May 2020. Buddhists commemorate the birth, death and enlightenment of Gautama Buddha. While it is predominantly a Buddhist event, the message and hope for peace is a universal one.

Gong players in Singapore will be coming together to join with the Global Gong Puja, an event that is started by Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux. For this Vesak Day Global Gong Puja, gong players around the world will be playing the gong at the same time for 45 minutes, creating a collective hum through the resonance of our gongs. We invite you to join in with your own voices, in your own home, to create vibrations through your hum and meditate along with us.

A few of us will be livestreaming our gong play through our social media channels. Check the event page for links to Singapore's gong players livestreaming their sessions.

We may be physically apart, but together we can hum as one. Mark your calendars and join us as one humanity.