Image by Ales Maze

What is restorative yoga

Technically, restorative yoga is a passive yoga practice that uses props to support the body in a pose. In a restorative session, we focus on working at the psycho-emotional level, helping the body to release tension through relaxation.

For some, a restorative yoga session feels like an extended siesta. For others, it can feel like you have done nothing at all. That is the beauty of restorative yoga in a world of instant gratification - its effects can only be felt after extended practice, it invites you to steep in the pose and passively observe what comes up. We do this with kindness, a childlike curiosity, and without judgement. We grow from pause.

Restorative yoga is more than props. It is a state of mind.

Tension is who you think you should be. 
Relaxation is who you are.



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Currently I offer small groups or private sessions from the comfort of my home studio. Please book your session via my Appointy link or contact me via email ( for direct bookings. You can also check Eventbrite for class sessions listings.